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Business Mentoring

Mentoring is a unique aspect of the 2020 Insights service.

Our mentors are experienced B2B professionals with proven expertise in senior management, marketing and creative roles.

Our mentors provide coaching, impartial advice and support on a wide range of issues including:

• Entrepreneurial skills

• Business strategy and planning

• Introduction of a new product or service

• Change management

• Marketing communication

Mentoring takes place face-to-face at a time and place that’s convenient for the client.  Each session has a predetermined outcome and ‘deliverables’ – all of which feed into achieving your specific business aims and objectives.

Market Intelligence

Effective communication is simple.  All you do is say the right things via the right channel to the right person at the right time.  That’s the theory…

In real life, knowledge is the key to communication that makes an impact – and that’s where 2020 Insights comes into the picture.

We kick off every relationship – and every programme – with detailed research plus interviews with mutually agreed customers, prospects and other contacts. What we learn is factored into a strategy with clearly defined:

• Objectives and detailed roadmap of activities

• Messages and activities that provide a business and economic justification for buying from, and building a relationship, with your company

• Schedule for analysis, review, reporting and measurement

We ensure you’re talking to all the right people   – including expert ‘influencers’.

We help you understand – and map – the journey a prospect takes from recognising a need to making a purchase and, ultimately, becoming a satisfied, long-term customer.

We make sure you’re communicating only as often as your target audience requires and via the most suitable and effective mechanism.

Campaign Management

2020 Insights employs a tried and tested approach to implementation and management of multi-channel marketing campaigns.  You can be sure that everything will run smoothly –  and the programme or project will deliver the results you want.

How we work together is up to you.  You choose the working relationship that suits your business.

We’ll assign a team with all the skills needed to deliver the results you want. We’ll keep you informed … but we won’t add to your workload. You’ll have a dedicated Programme Manager keeping you up to date on progress results, analysis and offering recommendations for fine-tuning your programme.

Your ‘virtual’ marketing department

What if you don’t have any in-house marketing resource? No problem. 2020 Insights specialises in providing clients with a ‘virtual’ marketing department that can work as closely as you want with sales and other internal teams. With 2020 Insights, you get all the benefits of an experienced, multi-skilled in-house marketing resource without the overhead.

Responsive Websites

As more people use smartphones and tablets to browse the internet for business purposes, responsive websites make sound business sense.   The numbers speak for themselves. The SME sector is already making around £2.5 bn in sales via mobile devices.  Yet, 90 per cent of SMEs have yet to implement a website that’s optimised for mobile.

2020 Insights can help you stay connected and maximise the sales potential of responsive, mobile communication.

Our web development and design experts will create a responsive website – which be accessed from any device  – to keep you connected with your target audiences, drive web traffic and generate leads.

Social Media & Video matters

Creating a post and sending it out to your fans is a relatively easy task.

As a result some businesses get into the habit of putting a post out here or there and believing that will do. Often, this isn’t the case and having a clear and easy plan that you know is effective is a much better approach.

Social media is now an essential part of any marketing campaign.  2020 Insights specialise in social media strategy and best practices and can help guide you through the initial stages.

And it doesn’t have to be just engaging images or text. Using videos has proved to increase the engagement of current and potential customers and we have a cost effective way to produce them for you. Get in touch today for more information.

Creative Design

2020 Insights offers a comprehensive design service.  Our experienced and highly creative designers can help with anything from original designs for a company-wide rebrand to a one-off marketing project or even basic image sourcing.

Our designers combine creative skills with a thorough understanding of our client’s business needs.    Because they work as a team with our business and marketing, they produce  artwork that is not only attractive and compelling but also ‘works’ in marketing term by:

• Reflecting the client’s brand values

• Illustrating complex messages.

When it comes to your website, our designers and web developers work together to create a responsive site offering an enjoyable and productive user experience.  They also ensure that the website design and structure supports SEO and optimisation.

Content Development

Intelligent Content can be a powerful marketing tool. Research by the CMO Council shows content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing at less than half the price.

At 2020 Insights, we produce intelligent, powerful content that underpins your sales and market strategy by helping you target prospects with greater precision and secure more leads.

Our writers produce high-quality, precisely-targeted content your customers want to read because it’s timely, interesting, relevant and useful.

Build ROI

2020 Insights will help you generate ROI from your investment in marketing.   It’s true but something of an over-simplification to say that ROI equates to increased leads, sales and revenue.

We see ROI as the culmination of success in each of the key, inter connected marketing activities including:

• Attracting your ideal visitor to your website
• Converting website visitors to leads with content offers
• Closing leads as customers using lead nurturing campaigns
• Keeping customers with exclusive offers and social media marketing
• Providing ongoing analysis and regular reporting on ROI

It never hurts to talk about how to grow your business.

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