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The business world has changed – and it’s still changing. Of course, the business environment is constantly evolving but this time it is very different.

Because it is not just business, or certain industries, that are being forced to adapt to deal with unforeseen, and, in many cases unknowable change, but the entire world.

The 'new normal' is not normal

One thing is certain, there is nothing normal about the ‘new normal’.

Nothing can be taken for granted. The way in which you source materials -possibly even your access to essential materials and components – the composition of your sales and distribution channel, logistics, manufacturing processes, the health and safety of your employees to, most importantly, your customers.

The bottom line is that companies cannot remain competitive, let alone succeed, simply by carrying on as before.

Companies must adapt quickly

In real-world terms, that means companies cannot remain competitive,let alone succeed, simply by carrying on as before.

Companies must adapt quickly and effectively to meet new market conditions. Looking longer term, companies must be primed to evolve, and ready to respond to new and unforeseen demands.

For some companies, change, even in less confusing times, does not come easily. Some simply do not have the in-house resource or expertise. Others are uncertain of their financial situation. Even for companies that, in theory, embrace change, adapting to meet the challenges of an unknown, volatile future, is still a tough and potentially expensive endeavour.

With 2020 Insights help, you don’t have to go it alone.

We've developed a unique 7 Step programme

Our unique Seven Steps programme is designed to provide a customisable and very practical approach to planning, controlling and funding change across your company.

The programme provides the foundation on which our experts will help you build a financially robust, operationally flexible and engaged company capable of capitalising on any – and all – new business opportunities.

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That will change your approach to business

As part of the programme, our experienced business, financial and communications experts will work with you to identify, address, revitalise and refresh key aspects of your company’s approach to doing business including:

  • Business model:  our business support specialists will work with you to devise and implement a business model that is fit for purpose, not just today but in 3, 6, 12 months’ time.
  • Financial control: Understanding your finances is key to effective planning and decision-making. 2020 Insights’ financial experts will help you develop the fast and efficient financial model you need to provide accurate insight into current profit/loss, overheads and revenue sources and identify exactly where you need to make changes to your businesses to improve efficiencies, grow revenue and increase profit. By understanding the numbers, you can drive your business in a direction that suits your strategic objectives and can cope with the challenges of a volatile market environment.
  • Marketing:  with the help of our marketing experts, you will develop communications strategies and tactics that engage attention and resonate with a market looking for recognition and reassurance. We will also work with you to ensure you’re using the most effective combination of digital and marketing tools, communication mechanisms and social media platforms –and getting the best results.

What makes our ‘Seven Step’ programme unique?

2020 Insights is one of the few business support consultancies capable of offering a combination of business, marketing and financial consultancy from accredited experts with a proven track record of success in their specialist areas.

The 2020 Insights ‘Seven Steps’ programme is unique because it:

  • reflects our experts’ understanding of your business as an holistic and integrated entity, not just a collection of different departments.
  • is built on 30 years of experience in business support, marketing and finance.

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Change is Good, Planned Change Is Better

The time to change is now. But not before you take a step back, think, analyse and plan, not only your strategy and tactics.

That’s the reason 2020 Insights ’Seven Steps’ programme starts with a FREE 2-hour business audit conducted by our business, finance and marketing experts.

During the initial FREE session, our experts will work with you through your current situation and business challenges and address fundamental questions including:

  • Where does ‘change’ start?

  • What are your goals?

  • What areas or departments should be prioritised?

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2020 Business Insights is a multi-talented team of experts with more than 20 years’ combined experience helping ambitious SMEs grow.