Talk to your customers or they may stop spending

BREXIT – What to do now

Always keep optimistic

Whatever your view on BREXIT, this will have a impact on many of your customers, here’s some advice we feel is useful.

As the world reacts, we are about to enter a time of deep uncertainty. If that uncertainty turns into fear, you risk your customers stopping spending – just like they did in the recession.I strongly suggest you use this opportunity to talk to your customers about all this. You never know what that phone call could lead to.

Help them become more successful. Understand that they are now looking for Certainty.

If they change their spending behaviour in the months ahead, they will only stick with the people they have deeper relationships with.

At times like this, many people crave connection. Connect with your customers on this issue in any way you can.

So talk to them. Email them – like I’m emailing you. Or call them. Or go to see them.

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